Here’s your weekly dose of 5-Star Friday, a short list of the things I’m doing, thinking or considering this week. 

What I’m watching or listening to…

Hoaxed by Mike Cernovich – We all know the feeling of logging onto the Internet and reading fake news stories. Fake news is a simulation, that is, an artificial construct of reality. What we know as “the news” simply isn’t true. Hoaxed is a crowd-funded documentary produced by Cerno Films (Mike Cernovich). Yes, I copied the previous from the website, but honestly, with everything going on in the world, a little insight goes a long way. A must watch.

The workout I’ve Been Doing…
10-10-3 (and sometimes 10-10-10-3)
 – I watched former Navy SEAL David Goggins workout. He did 10 push ups every minute for 60 minutes. Having trained with, and worked with the SEAL’s, my competitive juices are stoked. Not wanting to allocate 60 minutes, so instead, I set aside 30 minutes per day, and have been doing, for about a month now, 10 push ups, 10 air squats, and 3 pull-ups, every minute, for 30 minutes. Every other day or so I’ll add 10 crunches or ab rollers. It’s a good workout. The daily habit is key. I highly recommend doing something each day, even if it’s just the 7-Minute Workout

Book I’m Reading…
Principles: Live and Work by Ray Dalio – This is a fascinating account of the life of Mr. Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, which, over the last forty years, has become the largest and best-performing hedge fund in the world. It’s autobiographical in that he describes those parts of his life that contributed to his success at Bridgewater. His life and work principles act as a great checklist (perhaps too intensive) for personal and professional decisions. Very interesting read.

How I’m Recreating…
To recreate is to renew and refresh – Every week I have to take time to shift and do something to get out of the rut. Couple things this weekend. Meeting with my men’s group, riding one of our horses, and serving in my church. All help me get out of the office mindset. 

Quote I’m pondering…
“The ride may be fun but the destination sucks.” 
~ Not sure who said this, but when I heard it I wrote it down. Was addressing following unhealthy paths, behaviors, and habits. 

That’s it for 5-Star Friday!

Does one of the above resonate with you? Like? Dislike? 
Have other ideas or suggestions? 
Leave a comment here and let me know!

Have a great weekend.

~ David

PS – Tool of the Week – DAYLITE – Streamline your workflow. Daylite combines the power of a CRMProject Management App, and Lead Management app – all into one. Everything is organized and shared with your team (if you have one) which helps you save time and increase productivity. I’ve been a user for 5 years now. Highly Recommended.