Here are 5 things you may find interesting, intriguing or worthwhile. Review them, try them, just let me know what you think…

*Workout of the Week…
Max Row in 30 minutes
It pays to have friends willing to push each other. While I’m continuing to do the Workout listed last week (6-6-6-20), a buddy shared this workout and I’ve enjoyed testing myself and seeing how far I can row in 30 minutes.

*What I’m reading…
No B.S. Business Success
Anything by Dan Kennedy is worth reading again and again. So, I’m revisiting this book. The subtitle tells you everything you need to know; The ultimate no holds barred kick butt take no prisoners tough & spirited guide. Anyone who knows Dan knows that’s close to describing him.

*What I’m watching…
Left of Bang and the OODA Loop
If you’re a “Protector” or “Sheepdog, then you’ll want to be familiar with the behaviors and observation process have written about in “Left of Bang: How the Marine Corp’s Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life.“

*Article I’m reading…
How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour
The article demonstrates how you can protect yourself by using the settings on your phone or computer, and a couple of apps to better secure your privacy.

*Quote I’m pondering…
“If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged.”
— Cardinal Richelieu in 1641

That’s it for this issue of 5-Star Friday.

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Have a great weekend.

~ David