Hello and Happy Friday,

Here are 5 things you may find interesting, intriguing or worthwhile. Review them, try them, just let me know what you think…

*Workout of the Week…
7 Minute Workout + Sun “Tzu” Salutation stretching
The body needs rest, so I tend to go progressively harder for 3-4 weeks, then back off for a week. Repeat. This week, I still get up early, do a 7-minute workout and then the Sun ‘Tzu’ salutation series for stretching. It’s Sun Tzu because I don’t play the sleepy music, or utter the words I can’t pronounce, and bring a more militant mentality to the routine. Here’s a basic Sun Salutation without the attitude. 

*Book I’m re-reading…
The War of Art
The subtitle; “Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. This book has been huge for me to break through creative barriers. Holding back creativity shows up in my personal and professional life. I’m leaving on my desk for the next month to review a page or two daily.

*What I’m watching…
Jim Camp’s Negotiation Secrets
He is considered one of the best negotiators and trainers when it comes to negotiation techniques. He’s a fascinating individual, and these 6 quick lessons are great training to whet your appetite to learn more about this avoided skill.

*What else I’m watching…
Game of Thrones Finale
I watched it a second time just to make sure I felt it was as bad as it was. HBO does not have a warrior mentality. Warriors finish strong, HBO (the two writers) of this epic series seemed to have moved on before finishing season 8, which I feel was the worst season. 

*Quote I’m pondering…
It is lamentable, that to be a good patriot one must become the enemy of the rest of mankind.” 
― Voltaire

That’s it for this issue of 5-Star Friday.

Leave a comment here and let me know.

Have a great weekend.

~ David