Here are 5 things you may find interesting, intriguing or worthwhile. Review them, try them, just let me know what you think…

*Workout of the Week…
5-5-3-2 Bodyweight
5 X Upper Body Exercises
5 X Lower Body Exercises
3 X Core Exercises
2 X Miscellaneous Exercises
The above is done 3 X per week, for 3 weeks. Each exercise is done until failure, meaning you can’t do anymore, and then immediately move onto the next exercise. You can choose any bodyweight exercises you like based on the above. If you’re interested in what exercises I’m doing, click here.

*Book I’m reading…
How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling
Written by Frank Bettger wrote the book in 1947 about his experience in business. His principles are timeless. It is written in short, single-topic explanations, all just as relevant today. And there’s even a glowing endorsement from one of his mentors, Dale Carnegie.

*Software I’m experimenting with…
I let go of Evernote and a few other software in my ongoing efforts to simplify. Currently using Apple native Notes, Reminders, Calendar and Mail. It’s been working pretty good, but I’m intrigued by this software and it’s organizational power (combining all above less mail). There are a lot of pluses, and the only challenge I have with it right now is I don’t believe it allows me to set a recurring task. I can create tasks, just not repeat them automatically, which is something I rely on. Do you have any experience to share?

*Article I’m pondering…
Justin Trudeau Bans Use of “Mother” And “Father” Within Government Organizations
It would be funny if it weren’t so serious. If you doubted we’re in the middle of a cultural civil war, look no further than Canada. Banning; Mother, Father, Mr. Mrs. Sir, Madam, and Miss is an Orwellian tactic. We no longer live in Kansas as the saying goes. So while we work day-in-day-out to raise our families and provide a good life, governments are working very hard to take that, and your identities, and soon the family, away. The thought police won’t be far behind.

*Quote I’m pondering…
“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”  ~Elmer Davis

That’s it for this issue of 5-Star Friday.

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Have a great weekend.

~ David