Here are 5 things you may find interesting, intriguing or worthwhile. Review them, try them, just let me know what you think…

*Workout of the Week…
Fun x 4

6 x Handstand Pushups (modify as needed)
6 x Pull-ups
6 x Dive Bomber pushups
20 x Air Squats (or Iron Mikes)

Repeat every 2 minutes for 30 minutes. If this seems overwhelming or ridiculous (as some have mentioned to me), then try a variant. Try; 1 pull-up, 3 push-ups, 3 air-squats every minute. Let me know what you try.

*What I’m reading…
Overdeliver by Brian Kurtz
– I mentioned this a few weeks back, but then got side-tracked by another book (ever happen to you?). Anyway, I’m going through this book slowly, making notes and doing my best to apply what I’m learning. The sub-title is “Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing. I’m a certified copywriter, and the more I study marketing and copywriting/direct response, the more I’ve come to respect this discipline as essential to growing your business.

*What I’m watching…
UT 2014 Commencement Address (Admiral McRaven)
– Navy SEAL Admiral McRaven does a fantastic job of sharing the lessons learned from SEAL Training and their relevance to everyday success. I particularly like his explanation of why making your bed is one of the most important habits you can adapt, and do, first thing in the morning. And having gone through similar training, I wholeheartedly endorse his other lessons.

*What I am also watching…
Famous People Who Did Semen Retention and Why You Should Too
– Taboo? I don’t know, but if you read “Think and Grow Rich” you were introduced to this concept. I think you’ll be surprised by some of the people listed in the video. ‘Visit with intent’ than otherwise keep your powder dry and channel your energy into your work.

*Quote I’m pondering…
“First tell yourself what kind of person you want to be, then do what you have to do. For in nearly every pursuit we see this to be the case. Those in athletic pursuit first choose the sport they want, and then do that work.”
~ Epictetus, Discourse, 3.23.1-2a

That’s it for this issue of 5-Star Friday.

Leave a comment here and let me know.

Have a great weekend.

~ David