Without the visionary, your business goes nowhere. You’re a visionary.

I get it, you’re the founder who started this business and wore every hat to do the marketing, get the first customers, deliver the product.

But the company has grown. It’s not what it once was. You got to get out.

You’re the big-picture thinker and creative problem-solver… and you also create chaos when you jump back in to “fix things.” They’re broken for a reason…part of the reason is you.

It would be nice to say “fix this” and it gets done. But, that’s not how things get fixed.

You have to dig in, drill down, take the various pieces apart and see what malfunctioned. You don’t have the patience for that. I do.

I am the great executor – pun intended with my Marine Corps background. I make stuff happen.

You need a guy like me to look into the details, be consistent with the priorities we set, and hold people accountable.

Here’s the thing.

We need each other. I can do that visionary stuff from time-to-time, like you can do that integration piece from time-to-time.

But, my skill set is taking visions, and making them into actionable plans to achieve the vision.

Isn’t that what we’re after?

To make “it” happen?

Let’s talk.

If you’re a visionary, with a million ideas in your head, and been having difficulty getting them implemented, schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session with me, and let’s see what happens next.