I know, I’m supposed to write in 3rd person, “David is…” But, it’s me, I’m writing and I’m not interested in what I’m supposed to do. I’m interested in being real, approachable and direct.

One of the main things that defines me is my time in the United States Marine Corps. Joining was a turning point in my life, going from constant under-achiever to over-achiever in a few short weeks.

Shortly after joining the Marines, I was accepted into their elite special operations unit (Recon) and served 8 years as both an enlisted Marine and Officer.

As a former member of a Special Operations unit, I look at each project as a mission, and in the Marines, we simply accomplish the mission, there is no “try.”

Small Business Experience

I grew up in a family business. Since my early years, I’ve worked in warehouses, drove forklifts and listened to my Dad attempt to collect outstanding invoices.

I’ve experienced all aspects of business. I am very organized, and as such, recognize the importance of having a strong infrastructure to support the rapid growth I tend to create.

And I have a love and appreciation for marketing, because without a clear message, delivered to the right market using the right media, chances are you don’t have much of a business.

Here’s just a little of my background;

  • Business success through building several multi-million businesses
  • Military success demonstrated through 8 years with elite special operations unit
  • Athletic success through completion of numerous marathons, triathlons and Ironman triathlon events
  • Relationship success with loving wife and four wonderful children

…and that means there’s a greater likelihood of us having a successful business relationship, saving you time and making you money.

“Practical Profit has turned our brochure website into a lead generation machine helping increase our practice over 50% in under one year.”

~ Dr. Evan White, Compass Chiropractic, LLC



My business experience is diverse and spans many industries. I’ve built a warehousing and distribution business unit, for Expeditors International (EXPD), and built it from $0 to revenues of $5 million annually in just 3 years. And I was voted Product Manager of the Year for this effort.

This occurred in San Francisco during the bubble years from 1996-2000. Handling the logistics for many technology companies, gave me a greater understanding of the inner-workings of companies like; Logitech, Kyocera, Nvidia, Costco, GAP, HP, Motorola, Xilinx, PE Biosystems and many others. I even sold, setup and ran Logitech’s North American Distribution Center for three years.

In the personal development industry, I have personally coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, small business owners and senior executives. I have given hundreds of presentations, put on seminars and sold over a million dollars of product from the stage.

In addition, with a partner, I built one of the largest coaching programs in North America, featuring over 2,500 monthly clients, while hiring and training over 100 coaches.

In technology, I served as President and Chief Operating Officer of a unique technology company offering virtual real estate solutions for private investors.

“Right” Systems and Processes

To scale, you need repeatable systems that can handle it. Systems need to be setup so that quality is consistent, leads are followed up on, and business doesn’t shut down because someone is out sick.

To this end, I’ve set up and implemented powerful marketing systems, operational processes and sales strategies using such tools as; Infusionsoft, Daylite, Aweber, Contactually, SalesForce and others.

And what I’m really good at, is simplifying. While these systems are “cool”, what I find is they are both; under-utilized, and/or so disorganized that the organization feels more like they work for the system, instead of making the system work for you.

Next Steps

I am very motivated to work with you and your team, and to learn more about your dreams and challenges.

If we decide to work together, you can rest assured that you’ve brought on a good business building consultant, with a proven track record of success, experience in numerous industries.

If this sounds good to you, I’d be happy to explore working together. Simply fill out the form below and tell me a little about your situation and your business. I’ll personally review it and get back to you about an initial phone interview.

How It Works:

We meet during a free 25-minute fact-finding consultation to learn more about your situation, your needs and wants, and how I may be able to help.

From there, if we think it’s a fit, we discuss potential next steps, review proposals and reach an agreement.

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