What is a boundary?

Do you have any?

Are they healthy or unhealthy?

Basically, your personal boundary is the dividing line between you and someone, or something, else. It’s the limit of what’s your business, or someone or something else’s.

There are boundaries around your time, space, body, emotional well-being and physical body… to name a few.

Your ability to erect boundaries around your time and space is directly related to your effectiveness.

Your personal boundaries are beyond the scope of this book. I’ll keep the focus mainly on your time and space as it relates to your effectiveness in getting more clients.

My Business – Your Business

What’s my business? Anything I can control. What can I control? Anything I do, say or think is my business. Anything YOU do, say or think is YOUR business.

Let’s look at an example.

Your co-worker keeps walking in your office and interrupting you. You complain to your husband, girlfriend and the person at the coffee shop.

But you don’t say anything to your co-worker to actually address the problem.

The boundary, in this case, is your personal space, your office. Allowing people to walk in randomly and interrupt you, against your desires, demonstrates a poor boundary and sabotages your productivity and effectiveness.

Upholding the boundary is the more difficult issue.

Perhaps you don’t want to ‘hurt someone’s feelings’ or not sure if it’s reasonable to stick up for yourself. Perhaps you may feel it’s selfish. But, if you want uninterrupted time in your office, let people know…and ENFORCE your boundary when violated. Easier said than done.

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Here's another example.

You block 3 hours in the morning to work on your book. 20 minutes into your time, your phone rings, a friend invites you to coffee, and you head out to meet them.

Did you protect the boundary around your time? Sure, if your friend has a dire emergency, that's one thing, but answering the phone and breaking your commitment to work on an important task allowed an important priority to slip by.

What causes you to fail to set and defend your boundaries is beyond the scope of this book. For now, recognize its most closely related to the mindset section.

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