Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you have to correct, continue and carry on.

Here’s one of the polite emails I received yesterday while testing a way to post to my website and then have it automatically email my list, post to socials and stir my coffee.

“…I just wanted you to know I’ve been getting mulitples of your emails.”

It was a polite way of saying “knock it off.”

Even my wife, also on my list, gave me the “one-raised-eyebrow” look when I came out of my office. That look scares me.

It was a test. I tried something new. I do it quite often because I didn’t use to.


I used to be sent bent out of shape about making mistakes that I wouldn’t try or do new things because of what “they” might think. But, really, it was about what I might think.

If I screwed up, you’d laugh at me, or I’d think you were laughing, and then I’d tell myself what an idiot I was.

This showed up in my life in so many ways over so many years that I don’t even like to go back and think about it…of course, I do.

It required shifting my focus and recognizing that testing new things are required for growth.

You can’t get into better relationships with people without cracking a few eggs with existing relationships.

You can’t grow your business without creating some stress, mistakes, and errors.

Perhaps it’s buying that software that ends up s*cking, or that employee you thought was going to be a superstar, then turns into a dud.

I’ve spent months pursuing partnerships, or writing a ‘book’, only to have both peter-out for unexplained reasons.

The point is to keep going. It’s about having a Mission Mindset.

By focusing on my mission, I can see the ‘testing’ for what it is, testing. It’s not some grand condemnation of my abilities.

When the complaints, criticisms, and put-downs roll in, I can let them roll off because I know how they fit into the bigger picture.

Correct, continue, and carry on. What else is there?

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