You wouldn’t know it when you walk up to the counter.

She looks like normal, like she’s able to function normally in this world.

But something happened that rocked her world.

The register didn’t tell her how much change to return to the customer in front of me.

She was presented a $10 bill for a $4.68 drink.

The drawer opened and she stared at the register to tell her what the difference between $10 less $4.68 equals?

Her mouth open in wonderment, she apologized to the customer in front of me and her lips started moving while trying to run the math in her head.

She was unsuccessful for what seems like hours (maybe 20 seconds), and then, BOOM, the slow-performing register – which obviously hadn’t had its coffee yet – displayed $5.32 for her to return to the customer.

Whew. Disaster averted.

Now, you might think I’m sharing this as a condemnation of the public school system, Millennials or this person’s intelligence.

While tempting, when I considered this, I saw something more.

The obvious one is this employee’s reliance on technology, and stress of a waiting line retarded her ability to do simple math.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Yes. However you wish to interpret it, I won’t argue.

But, as a business, this establishment has systemized processes to tell the employee exactly how much money to return to the customer. 

Do you really want to leave the calculation of ‘change’ to your employees? Most companies I work with to set up systems keep the cash as far from the employees as possible.

Overall, while I was entertained by this 30-second interaction, I stepped back and looked at all the systems running in this operation that allowed the owners and shareholders to be anywhere outside this business while it cranks out caffeine drinks for five bucks at a pop.

Can you walk away from your business for a day, a week or a month? If not, you have a job. It’s one of the most challenging things for an owner to do, and where I get the most satisfaction, helping the owner leverage their knowledge and expertise into repeatable systems.

To learn how to leverage you and get the most out of your knowledge and experience, consider scheduling a Strategy Consultation with me here.