I’m focusing on one thing and it’s enhancing my productivity and effectiveness.

And one thing only.

Sort of.

What do I mean.

Well, if you saw my update the other day about my challenge letting go.

There’s just too much out there.

Too much software, too many systems and techniques.

Don’t get me wrong, I love systems and processes.

Sometimes too much.

I found myself getting more excited about setting up pretty systems and less about the reason for the system in the first place.

So, I let go of some software.

I simplified my processes.

I simplified my folders, documents and files.

I use a Mac.

For notes, there’s a Notes app.

For tasks, there’s a Reminders app.

For my calendar, there’s a Calendar app.

For my files, there’s iCloud.

And they sync across my devices.

I still have Google Docs, free Dropbox and several other apps for collaboration. But those are specific clients or vendor projects.

I work from, what I call, the “Core.” My core set of apps for;

  • Calendar
  • Mail
  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • Files

Yes, I know about the arguments for collaboration. And I am working in several CRM’s for clients, several File Sharing programs for others, and note-sharing for other clients.

But, for MY WORK, I work from the Core, and I do my best to cultivate the garden of simplicity and maximize my productivity, minimize distraction, and get stuff done.

For someone who liked to get caught up in the weeds of the “How To”, I’m enjoying this refreshed focus on value.

Do you sometimes find yourself caught up in the ‘how to’ while forgetting about the ‘why?’

Let me know your thoughts.