As a Fractional COO, I work part-time with small business to break through the barriers holding them back.

I share my knowledge and experience from participating in four start-ups, and consultations with hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Either sales aren’t coming in as anticipated, or, the operation is struggling to keep up with the growth and feels like it’s busting at the seams. Or both.

  • Too many ideas and not enough follow through
  • Lack clear direction about what to focus on
  • Poor communication diffusing the team’s efforts?
  • Is there reluctance to let go while trying to do it all yourself?

You may be ready for someone to:

  • Prioritize objectives
  • Align the organization
  • Create a plan and processes to accomplish these objectives

Basically, someone to INTEGRATE the above.

The Role of the COO:

Solidify the foundation for growth, by:

  • Keep the FOCUS on the right priorities
  • Maintain ACCOUNTABILITY with company objectives
  • Ensure CLARITY of communication to team and customers
  • Develop PROCESSES to ensure quality control
  • Install AUTOMATION to increase consistency
  • ORGANIZE internal operations for maximum effectiveness
  • Create a DASHBOARD to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Who I Work With:

I partner with start-ups and small businesses across industries:
– Training
– Transportation
– Real Estate
– Distribution
– Presidents, CEO’s, Founders

Why It Works:

When you partner with me, you get an an experienced, effective and very practical COO focused on marketing and operational systems for fast, organic revenue growth.

What Makes Me Different:

Growing up in a family business, and serving 8 years in the Marines, I have a unique background.

My first startup grew from $0 to $5 million in 3 years, organically.

I bring the unique lessons from that experience, plus 3 other startups, and having coached and consulted several hundred clients, so you learn from my experience and mistakes, to avoid making them yourself.

What Others Say:

Jack Policar, Founder & CEO

"David had a very straight forward and precise way to approach my sales pitch and took all of the pieces that I had floating around and helped me craft a razor sharp pitch.

He uses common sense combined with a great understanding of human communication so that your end product feels authentic while being able to achieve a goal quickly."

Jack Policar, Founder & CEO,

How It Works:

We meet during a complimentary 25-minute consultation to learn more about your situation, your needs and wants.

From there, if we think it’s a fit, we discuss potential next steps, review proposals and reach an agreement.

Go ahead and click below to schedule time for us to talk…