Perhaps you remember the commercials for ‘one a day’ vitamins. I used their slogan to build my practice years ago. Using that inspiration, I set a goal to speak to one new person each day about what I did.

I didn’t just tell them what I did, I would first inquire about them, what they do, what problems they’re faced with, then offer some relevant feedback or suggestions, demonstrating my value.

Many times, these interactions resulted in nothing more than getting to know someone, providing some support, and feeling good about the exchange.

Other times, I would be hired after 15-30 minutes of conversation, or get referred to someone they knew dealing with issues they thought I could help with.

The thing I remind myself of, is that I don’t even need to worry about an elevator speech, memorized script or anything else.

What I need to focus on is actually helping people with their issues.

If I’m speaking with a man about his small business, and he’s sharing the challenge he’s having growing revenue, I may ask more about his business, product and tactics he’s been trying.

And then just offer some helpful suggestions. That’s the simplest method to getting a new client.

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