Get Clients Fast ebook:
Practical Steps to Filling Your Practice

These are the lessons I learned when I made every mistake trying to find paying clients.

While it's filled with practical steps you can start applying today.

What went into writing this book was tremendous frustration, anxiety and stress trying to get someone to pay me for my services.

This book is for you if you've ever dealt with:

  • Questioning your self worth
  • Understanding the value of your services
  • Hate asking for money (selling)
  • Avoid marketing like the plague
  • Would rather clean the garage than go to a networking event

Before hiring David and his team, I couldn’t get my prospect’s attention. Since we’ve  started working together our business has exploded with new leads and opportunities.

Ben Fanning
Ben Fanning Training, LLC

I am so glad I started working with David. I was pretty unfocused and insecure about how I was going to make my business work. I didn't know what direction to take.

David's guidance was exactly what I needed to really focus in, and do the right work to get where I want to go. I know I am on my way to have a record year and I wouldn't be here without all the work I put in thanks to David's coaching.

This is by far the best investment I have made in myself and my business. Thanks for everything!

Megan Johnson
  • Expands on the Five (5) Client-Getting Steps
  • Expanded "Mindset" Section to Overcome Negative Mindset
  • Includes Twenty-Two (22) Practical Steps to Start Applying Today
  • Immediate download via PDF
  • Kindle version available

Since working with David, I went from struggling-to-get-clients, to earning over 3 times the industry average and ranking in the top of a network of over 400 personal trainers.

Alex Judson

When I contacted David, I was unclear of the true value I bring to my clients. He helped me get very clear and focused on the value I deliver…and who best benefits.

By being clear about my value, who can best benefit, and how to structure my services, I was able to enroll a paying client within weeks, and am very excited for the next. Thanks so much!

Susanne Menge
Former Pro Triathlete, Life Coach, Clear Fitness, LLC