Your mission is to get clients now, today because you’re a coach, consultant or other professional looking to make a difference in other people’s lives.

That’s your mission.

In the Marines (where I served for 8 years), it’s all about ‘accomplishing the Mission.’

The mission is whatever important assignment higher headquarters assigns. We are told the essential information, get our gear together, and head off to accomplish it.

But, let’s face it, the life of a consultant, coach or other professional, is not so clear cut. And usually, we don’t have a clear mission.

How to Get New Clients Is Now Your Mission (sort of)

Your bigger mission is 

“To Transform Lives, Starting with Yours”

For the longest time, I got hung up on:

“What’s my Mission?”
“What’s my purpose?”
“What am I in the business of doing?”

It’s about getting stuck in the “Why” of these things.

It’s hard to get from here to there, if you don’t know where ‘there’ is. 

If you’re struggling with what your mission is, let’s assume your mission is “to transform lives and make enough money that you can pay the bills and have some left over.”

Easy enough.

Everyone I’ve ever worked with has a mission similar to this. Sure, they may have different taglines, but ultimately, you want to transform lives, and by doing so, transform your own.

So now that you know your Mission, be sure to have the right MINDSET, let’s check your message.

Find Clients with a Compelling Message

You’re speaking to someone about what you do. 

What do you say? 

I share my experience doing this on a plane and landed a new client.

You’ve read about elevator pitches, taglines and other communication devices to share with your client.

Let’s focus on why you do what you do, for a minute.

Yes, you want to make money, pay the bills, etc. But ultimately, you want to help others. You’re probably teaching something you also want to learn and get fulfillment out of.

Isn’t that what you ultimately want? To get paid enough money to pay the bills, have a little (or a lot) left over, and help others in the process?

When you focus on your tagline, elevator pitch, etc., you are focused on you.

Instead of remembering some formula of when to say your pitch, how about you just focus on having a conversation. Then focus on learning as much as you can about the other person. Truly listening to their successes, trials, and tribulations.

If their issues relate to your expertise, ask if you can provide some gentle advice. If they say ‘no, I just need someone to listen,’ respect that.

So, the next time you’re tempted to say… “I’m a Coach” or “I’m a Lawyer.” 

Resist the urge. You need to Stand Out While Standing In Line. To be honest, I don’t care, nor does the person you’re talking to, care if you’re a coach, consultant or estate attorney.

What I care about is What’s In It For Me (W.I.I.F.M. – Pronounced ‘whif-em’)

It may sound harsh, but we’re all looking out for our own self-interest. And that’s okay. It doesn’t mean we don’t like helping others. Quite the contrary, most of us got into the business to help others.

It’s just that we (you and I) get a lot out of helping others. That’s our WIIFM. And a certain sense of purpose and value is achieved.

So, back to the conversation you’re having with your potential client. 

  • Listen first
  • Ask questions
  • Navigate through curiosity to learn about this person
  • Do this from sincerity

Learn what their issues are, and then, and only then, share how your unique experience and skill set is perfectly suited to help them. 

And don’t try to be all things, to all people.

The More Clear and Compelling Your Value Proposition,
The More You Can Charge!

Someone who can “double your income” (one I use) can charge more than someone who can “improve your life” or my old one (“turn your ideas into gold”).

It’s about the value you bring to your client, not who you are. 

Your Confidence Combined with a Track Record of Success = Higher Fees

And when you’re helping people, you’ll feel better about…

Marketing to Get New Clients

Marketing for many is a dirty word. 

It was for me until a conversation with a mentor changed my mindset about marketing.

Marketing is really about the methods you use to invite someone to take the next-right-step with you. It’s how you turn prospects into clients.

Let’s face it, dealing with marketing may challenge your beliefs, so you may choose to avoid dealing with it. I get that, but that’s a costly mistake.

If you haven’t already, read this article on MINDSET. I won’t repeat everything here, by marketing we mean the efforts you take to introduce prospects to your service and convert them into a paying client.

So, you need marketing to find clients

And the more you avoid it, the harder it is to get clients.

For simplicity, let’s look at marketing as communicating your MESSAGE, to your MARKET via specific MEDIA to get a paying client.

Marketing can be done online (e.g. pay per click, Facebook advertising)

And offline (e.g. word-of-mouth, flyers, direct mail, business cards).

So, there’s a lot of methods to consider when marketing

But, until you get clear about your MISSION, get your MINDSET in order, craft a clear MESSAGE, and know who your MARKET is, you’ll waste MONEY chasing your tail trying to find potential clients.

Once I got clear about the above, then started with simple strategies, both online and offline, I started attracting potential clients like never before.

For me, clarity can be hard.

I knew everyone could benefit from what I did. And I found it hard to specialize because I felt more like a generalist. So, my language was vaguer, and thus, harder for you to figure out if I could help you.

Are you struggling with clarity? That makes it harder for you, but you can still…

Get More Coaching Clients with The One-A-Day Challenge

Perhaps you remember the commercials for ‘one a day’ vitamins. I used their slogan to build my practice years ago. 

Using that as inspiration, I set a goal to have one significant conversation with one new person each day about what I did. 

That sounds easy but was actually harder than I originally thought. Sure, the first few days or a week weren’t that hard, but when I thought about it, that’s 30 conversations per month, every month.

It stretched me to reach out, step out of my office and engage people. Even when I wasn’t ready. Especially when I wasn’t ready.

One thing I learned was to keep my focus on helping people with their issues, and not about “selling my service.” 

If you’re speaking with a man about his small business, and he’s sharing the challenge he’s having growing revenue, ask more about his business, product and tactics he’s been trying. 

Then offer some helpful suggestions while letting him know you’re excited by the opportunity to work with him. That’s the simplest method of getting a new client.

By committing to the one-a-day challenge, you’re left with the challenge of…

Momentum and Keeping It Going

It’s not only about knowing what to do, but it’s also about doing what you know, consistently. That’s the mindset challenge.

If you’re like me, you need a system and structure even though you may rebel against them.

Part of that structure (and discipline) is a powerful morning routine.

Another Part of that system is consistent actions you take every day or every week, to find and invite new clients into your practice.

And the final Part of that system is having someone to collaborate with, strategize with, talk to, and be held accountable. 

It all comes down to SPEED, DIFFICULTY, & COST

Do It Yourself (DIY)

You could do it the old-fashioned way, on your own, figuring it all out as you go, making mistakes, correcting and continuing along the way.

My guess, that hasn’t worked well for you. And quite frankly, hasn’t worked well for me over the years. But, it’s possible. You can create your own map to get you from where you are, to where you want to go and get after it.

It’s possible. With the right plan and the right amount of self-discipline, you can significantly change your results.

It’s also very difficult, slower, but is less expensive (indirectly).

I’ve tried this and fell flat on my face a few too many times.

When I started, I tried to learn HTML, QuickBooks, create contracts, design business cards, and a number of other tasks I have no business trying to do.

The time I could have spent refining my message and getting clients was instead spent becoming mediocre at dozens of skills other people excel at.

It’s challenging, but it’s possible.

Following An Expert

Another way to move forward quickly, fill your practice with enthusiastic paying clients, and accomplish your mission, is to work with someone further along the path than you.

You want to find someone that has done, or is doing, what you want to be doing in terms of getting clients and building your business.

You want to find someone that resonates with you, who offers the guidance and direction in a way that you want to follow.

Working with an expert helps fill your practice faster, with less difficulty, but more ‘direct’ cost.

When you find someone like that, work with them until you’re no longer getting a positive benefit.

In writing this article, my hope is that you get to know more about me, how I work, and what I stand for. 

And, I hope by doing so, you decide you want to consider working with me in one capacity or another. Since I serve people like you in several capacities, there is usually an option for most people.

The easiest way to find out is to register for the next “Get Clients Fast – The  Simple 3-Step Process to Go from “needing clients” to “Client Magnet” overnight” webinar training. Just click below.