public speaking

It was a powerful demonstration.

The speaker brought someone up on stage and asked them a simple question.

“How much money do you need to make you feel more successful?”

“More” was the response.

So, the speaker brought out his wallet, handed the gentleman a crisp $1 bill and said, congratulations!

It was quickly apparent that “more” wasn’t the right answer.

Specificity is crucial.

More wasn’t accurate. I bet there’s a specific amount he wanted, but hadn’t yet considered.

I took that lesson back to my new business.

I set a motivating goal.

I was going to generate at least $100,000 in monthly sales in the 12th month of my new business.

They thought I was nuts. And maybe I was.

But, I was clear and specific in my request.

I was excited and inspired.

What happened?

On my 12th month in the business, I ran my month-end report, and had generated $101,000 in sales for the month.

It took hard work, sure.

But the key is, I had a plan of how to get there. I knew what it would look like. It wasn’t just “more,” it was detailed down to product and service mix.

I address creating your own product and service mix in my book “Get Clients Fast: 22 Practical Steps to Filling Your Practice.”

But, it also pertains to small business as well – that book is in the works, but for now, most of the lessons and practical steps in Get Clients Fast can be applied to your own business.

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