How a Slice of Coconut Cream Pie Can Save Your Business

With a few dollars in my pocket, I walked into the pastry shop.

Out for a run, no wallet, just a few dollars for emergencies.

This was an emergency, hunger pains were rearing their ugly head.

I looked in the display, and saw the object of my affection.

Coconut cream pie. Not much better in this world.

Sure, there are the apple, cherry, and lemon meringue fan bases. And I’d even consider putting Pumpkin up against coconut cream, but not today.

It was about that coconut cream making my mouth start to salivate.

The pie was more than I had stuffed in my running shorts. What to do?

Wait, I don’t need a whole pie. Just a piece will do.

And what a piece it was.

The first bite set about a variety of emotions, sending me back to childhood, the tropics and “Yummyland” at the same time.

What does coconut cream pie have to do with your business?

Sometimes you don’t need the whole pie.

Perhaps you have a few sales reps and don’t quite have the time to manage them the way you know they should be managed.

In fact, you know they’re capable of much more productive, but you just don’t have the time to dedicate to it, nor the money to hire a full time, high priced, sales manager.

But, what if you asked for a piece of the pie instead of the whole thing?

What if you got a “piece” of a sales manager instead of paying for a whole one.

I’m not comparing sales managers to coconut cream pie, that would be wrong, the pie is too good for that.

What I am saying, is that you can begin leveraging yourself and growing your business piece-by-piece rather than waiting to take a big, scary, risky, and potentially costly bite.

The trick is knowing how to identify and implement these pieces to avoid indigestion.

It’s expensive in business, and in life, so it’s better to know the recipe to properly make the right placements.

It’s one of the areas I work with business owners with – applying incremental steps that are less scary, more immediate, and less risky than taking a big bite.

Let’s discuss your specific situation and how applying a fractional role could help leverage you without the big commitment of a big bite. Schedule time for a complimentary consultation for us to explore further.

And you’re welcome to let me know what you like besides the indomitable coconut cream pie in the comments below.