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Two steps are necessary for getting the results you want.

Step 1: “Knowing What To Do.”

– While the study to get clients is life long, this blog has addressed enough for you to start getting more clients, now.

Step 2: “Doing What You Know.”

– This is what trips up most people. Follow through. It’s not that you don’t try, it’s that you don’t succeed.

And that really comes down to one of two choices…

Doing It Yourself (DIY)

You could do it the old-fashioned way, on your own, figuring it all out as you go, making mistakes, correcting and continuing along the way.

My guess, that hasn’t worked well for you. And quite frankly, hasn’t worked well for me over the years. But, it’s possible. You can create your own map to get you from where you are, to where you want to go, and get after it.

It’s possible. With the right plan, and the right amount of self-discipline, you can significantly change your results.

It’s also very difficult.

I’ve tried this and fell flat on my face.

When I started my first coaching business, I tried to learn html, bookkeeping, create contracts, design business cards, and a number of other tasks I s*ck at. That’s time I could have spent refining my message and getting clients, was instead spent becoming mediocre at dozens of skills other people excel at.

Hey, but it’s possible.

Steps for Doing It Yourself…Successfully

1. Identify what needs to be done (see ‘Methods & Marketing’).

2. Research your list to create step-by-step processes to implement.

3. Schedule these tasks into your calendar and stay disciplined to ensure they get done.

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Following an Expert

Another way to move forward quickly, and accomplish your mission is to work with someone further along the path than you.

You want to find someone that has done, or is doing, what you want to be doing in terms of getting clients and building your business.

You want to find someone that resonates with you, who offers the guidance and direction in a way that you want to follow.

When you find someone like that, you work with them until you're no longer getting a positive benefit.

In writing this book, my hope is that you get to know more about me, how I work, and what I stand for.

And, I hope by doing so, you decide you want to work with me in one capacity or another. Since I serve people like you in several capacities, there is usually an option for most people.

You can sign up for a Fast Track Consultation, so that even if we don't work together, you'll walk away with three quick strategies to boost your income.