“If I could only teach my son one skill, I’d teach him marketing.”

It caught me by surprise.

One of my mentors, and business partner, was on stage in front of 1,500 people and just uttered those words.

I was a couple years into my coaching business when I heard those words.

Up until then, I had moderate success attracting clients.

While my clients were thriving, I avoided marketing, and the last marketing book I had read was in college (I feel embarrassed confessing this now).

So, why was this skill so important that my business partner would choose marketing?

That comment, and my subsequent questioning of it, has lead me through a wealth of knowledge and actionable strategies that have positively affected me and many of my clients.

I have read over one hundred books on marketing, advertising, copywriting and numerous other topics related to marketing.

I have been certified in online advertising, copywriting, public speaking and taken countless courses, seminars and home study programs…on marketing.

And I am fascinated by the topic.

For 15 years it has sparked creative juices, inspired me, and stimulated my intellectual curiosity in ways few fields can.

And yet, I may have missed it because I was convinced “Sales & Marketing” are bad.

At least, that’s what I thought 20 years ago.

I’m so glad I was open to the marketing message.

I’m so glad I dove into the study of marketing so long ago.

And the more I study and apply marketing, the less I feel I know about it. I’ll read another author’s book, or sales copy, and see a whole new perspective.

And without marketing, your product doesn’t move.

If sales and marketing leave a bad taste in your mouth, consider a different perspective. It has paid dividends for me.

Let me know your thoughts below, or consider scheduling time to work through your marketing or sales obstacles.