At a seminar, I met a “marketing expert” who told me about her services. She was convinced she could help me, though she barely inquired about what I did.

She was relentless, approaching me several times at breaks, and then calling and emailing after the conference in an effort to convince me to work with her. I felt like I was her only prospect from the event. She just kept calling and emailing. I had to be blunt with her that I wasn’t interested.

She was trying to convince me she could help me, without actually explaining or demonstrating how. She was pressuring me to make a decision, but I wasn’t even clear what she offered.

 To ‘convince‘ someone means to defeat them in an argument. No wonder we don’t like BAD sales and marketing techniques. They are attempting to defeat us, who wants that?

To ‘sell‘ is to persuade someone, is to invite them to receive your product or service (benefit) in exchange for money. It’s an even exchange.

Maybe you get hung up on ‘persuade.’ It means to do or say something through a sound argument.

It could be said that trying to ‘convince’ someone is really just lazy persuasion.

Do the work I’m suggesting, and you simply offer a strong argument to help someone make a decision.


And instead of persuasion, which still sounds manipulative, how about considering it an INVITATION… asking someone to exchange money for the benefits provided by your product or service.

That decision comes down to; ‘will this make my life (health, wealth, happiness) better?‘ Your persuasive argument should satisfy the WIIFM? (What’s In It For Me) question we’re all asking when presented with an opportunity.

It’s easy. We like to buy things. We don’t like to be ‘sold’ things.

Help them want to buy.

What if you captured their ATTENTION

Told them about my product or service to generate INTEREST

Gave them enough information to make a DECISION

And then invited them to take ACTION?

“Hey Mary, I know you like Nicholas Sparks books, he just published “The Notebook VI”, how about we go to the bookstore and buy a copy?”

I’m guessing you already do something like this regarding; movies, books, music, and restaurants.

So, what if you tried it with your product or service?

Instead of worrying about convincing people, you invite them to let you help them achieve the benefit of working with you?

Selling on a Plane

One day, I’m flying to Toronto (from Colorado) for a speaking engagement. The person sitting next to me asked what I did. I briefly explained that I help consultants get more clients and grow their business.

I then asked him what he did. He proceeded to talk for the next hour about his business. I listened attentively, asking him insightful questions. I asked about problems he was having (staying focused, getting clients). I asked about marketing.

I made suggestions regarding these problems. I shared a few simple strategies for getting focused (e.g. Time blocks, 25-minute work sprints) and I gave him some strategies to increase revenue (one-a-day challenge, speaking to small groups). I continued to help him.

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We even discussed dealing with his spouse because he over-committed and under-delivered on promises to her. I shared with him how to manage expectations and communicate more clearly.

By the end of the flight, he suggested we work together and signed up for an initial 3-months, and stayed a client for over a year.

My desire to listen and offer practical suggestions helped me stand out, demonstrated my value and demonstrated what it was like to work with me. Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation to see how I can help you get 'there' faster.