When it comes to scaling your business for growth, there are two questions to ask;

“Are you working for [Marketing, Sales, CRM, etc]?”


“Is your [Marketing, Sales, CRM, etc] working for you?”

I guess that could be considered one question. I don’t know. I did badly in English in high school and never fully grasped my grammar.

Funny, Grammarly.com just found three errors in the previous sentence I had to correct.

What do the two questions above mean?

Before Marketing, let’s look at your CRM.

Most small companies overpay for a CRM that ends up just being a glorified and complicated manager of; contacts, tasks, and calendar.

No one is really using it or policing the information going into it.

It ends up being a complicated system that you overpay for. It feels like a hassle to most employees and something you have to work to use. That sucks.

If you used the CRM as designed, you’d enter accurate information, at the appropriate time, and could allow the CRM to remind you to do tasks, follow-ups, run reports and analyze your information.

But it takes time to set up.

It’s the same with marketing.

There are so many tools and systems out there to help you set up systems and funnels, track clicks and conversions, but if they’re not dialed in, or monitored, employees end up being a slave to the system, instead of using the system as their slave. (Politically incorrect but accurate).

What’s the use of creating a pay-per-click campaign, Facebook content posts, or pretty creatives, if you’re not automating and systemizing how you track such marketing activities?

Remember, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

And that’s especially true for your marketing.

If you’re not measuring your marketing, you’re working for it, it’s not working for you.

If you’re just going through the paces of putting ‘stuff’ out there, remembering every once in a while to check on it. What’s the purpose?

It’s not effective. It’s not leveraged. And there’s a better way.

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