It’s a joke in our house when asked how many [fill in the blank] we’d like, and the answer is “just one more.”

Things I need just one more of are; bicycles, guns, fitness equipment, knives, chocolate chip cookie.

I don’t know where the phrase came from, but it’s been around for as long as I can remember and is just so satisfying to say.

I don’t feel like I’m limiting or committing to a finite amount, and the listener doesn’t (usually) feel like I’m asking for an endless supply (although the thought crosses my mind).

Another reason I like “just one more” is that it has become a recipe for success.

For example, In the Marines, we might be instructed to perform 50 push-ups. So, my logic is to do just one more, 51, as a way of doing just a little extra.

If my wife sends me to the store for two cucumbers (I’d rather go for potato chips, but she won’t send me for those), I’ll come back with three cucumbers, or just one more.

It reinforces abundance in me. It also reinforces overdelivering, and it reinforces my desire to give (and receive) just a little more.

Okay David, great. But, what does that have to do with growing my business or getting more clients or getting home a little earlier?


Just one more… sales call. If you set the goal of making 20 sales calls today, make just one more before you go home.

If you set the intention of writing 2 blog posts this week, or sending5 ideas to a client, do just one more.

The whole idea of just a little more has had a compounding effect on my success. I can’t count the number of extra push-ups and other exercises I’ve done over the years, doing just one more. I’m in fantastic shape.

I can’t count the extra millions in revenue I’ve generated or helped generated by encouraging and doing ‘just one more – sales call, email, launch, invitation, etc’

It’s one of the things I investigate when starting to work with new clients. There’s a process I follow to identify the activities that would benefit from just one more, and then do just that.

Here’s the thing, the results aren’t immediately noticeable. But after a while, you’ll start seeing the compounding effect and wonder where it came from. Now you know, it’s from just one more.


PS – Let me know the one business task you’re going to do ‘just one more’ of. And for extra credit, let me know what you want to buy ‘just one more’ of.