Every morning I dedicate the first hour to my business.

I don’t mean when I first get up.

I mean once I “start.”

I have a morning routine.

Then it’s time to think about my business and marketing.

I help small business go from startup to $10 million.

I work with small business, professionals, coaches and consultant.

Before the busyness of the day, I read about marketing, reflect on my marketing, and the marketing of my clients.

  • What’s working?
  • What’s not?
  • What are some strategies we’re not trying?
  • What would shake things up a bit?

I write down ideas.

Some make it to implementation. Others die a necessary death.

And I do it again, and again.

My business deserves this “Power Hour.” It’s my number #1 priority in my business.

It should be yours.

Implementing may be harder than you think. You may be so used to sitting down at your desk, turning on email and reacting to the day.

Try this.

The night before, write down a few marketing tasks to do or review. Leave a marketing book on your desk as the first thing you do. Even if it’s just 3 pages, read it first.

Try it and let me know your experience.

To discuss how I can help your marketing grow your business, schedule time here. Your business will then have two of us working on your business first thing in the morning.