Marketing is really about the methods you use to invite someone to take the next-right-step with you. It’s how you turn prospects into clients.

But, dealing with marketing may challenge your beliefs, and cause you to avoid it.

Marketing we mean the efforts you take to introduce prospects to your service and convert them into a paying client.

So, you need marketing. And the more you avoid it, the harder it is to get clients.

Fact: I avoided marketing initially. But then one of my mentors said; “If I had to teach my son just one skill, I’d teach him marketing.”

I decided to question my beliefs about marketing. And I’m glad I did.

My world opened up to amazing marketers like Joe Vitale, Joe Sugarman, Mark Joyner, Richard Branson and others. It also opened my eyes to bad marketing, bad messaging and unethical practices.

Just like anything else, there’s really good marketing/marketers, really bad marketing/marketers, and everyone else who falls between them.

For simplicity, let’s look at marketing as communicating your MESSAGE, to your MARKET via specific MEDIA.

Marketing can be done online (e.g. pay per click, Facebook advertising, branding)

And marketing can be done offline (e.g. word-of-mouth, flyers, direct mail aka junk mail, business cards).

So, there’s a lot of methods to consider when marketing.

But, until you get clear about your MISSION, get your MINDSET in order, craft a clear MESSAGE, and know who your MARKET is, you’ll waste MONEY chasing your tail trying to find potential clients.

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Once you get clear about the above, then start with simple strategies, both online and offline, to get the word out and start attracting potential clients.

One offline Strategy: Word of Mouth - with a clear message, share with friends what you do, and ask them to connect you via email / phone / coffee with someone they think could benefit from your services.

One online Strategy: Create a short (5-10 page) Special Report from one of your Table of Content topics. Identify the 3 key elements of that topic and write one page summarizing it. Add a page for your biography and a Call-to-Action, and you should have about 5 pages. Give it away as an incentive for people to sign up on your site.

There are hundreds of strategies you can use online and offline. But, I recommend starting with one strategy and get it working before you move on to the next.

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