The term Metrics as it relates to getting clients equates to; what you are measuring.

You can’t manage what you aren’t measuring.

Imagine trying to lose weight without getting on a scale. By measuring your weight at certain times, you’re able to evaluate how you’re doing toward accomplishing your goal. Your weight (Metric) gives you feedback as to the effectiveness of your efforts.

If you want to get more clients fast, it helps to find out what your most important activities are, how to measure them, and track them.

When it comes to getting clients fast, we’ll use metrics from the activities cited in this book;


  • Friends I’ve asked for a referral
  • Significant conversations this month
  • Business cards obtained


  • Number people offered suggestions
  • Newsletter signups
  • Special Report downloads
  • Social Media (FB Likes, posts, etc.)

I’ve learned the hard way not to have too many metrics to track early on. I found it overwhelming and unpleasant (at best).

Starting out, I focused just on Significant Conversations, and tracked that.

My goal was to speak to one person-per-day about what I did. But, for the conversation to be significant, there had to be some substance to the conversation.

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The below are from my own personal experience.

BAD: Standing in line at Starbucks and strike up a 2-minute conversation, the other person asks what I do, I reply, they order their triple non-fat, extra something, latte, and that's it. Not a significant conversation.

GOOD: Standing in line at Starbucks and strike up conversation. The person is so thrilled with what I'm sharing, and my interest and curiosity, that she asks me if I have to time sit and chat a little longer. We end up spending 30 minutes reviewing her situation, how I may be able to help. She gives me her card, and we set a time to talk to finalize the conversation. Significant.

BAD: I'm at a kids’ birthday party and the host asks me what I do, I share with her for a minute, she gets pulled away to light candles. Not significant.

GOOD: Bump into a friend I haven't seen in a while, we share what we're each up to, and he asks inquiring questions because he has a friend that could really use the services I offer. We exchange contact info and I agree to follow up in a couple days after he reached out to his friend. Significant.

Does that help you understand?

You may have read the 10-3-1 ratio in another section. It's a general guideline that for every 10 people (significant) you speak with, 3 may be interested and 1 may sign up.

You could set the goal of 1 significant conversation per day (weekends included). That was my only activity goal for months... besides my goal to have a full, thriving practice, with a waiting list, by the end of the year.

This simple step contributed to filling my practice in less than a year, and having a waiting list of new clients. Also, during this year, I helped create and build one of the largest coaching programs in North America. We signed up over 2,500 clients, to be coached by over 100 coaches that I hired and trained.

The action of seeking out and having one significant conversation per day (effectively) forced me to review my messages, my market, my mindset, and the other core elements.

By starting with one activity to track, you open yourself to eventually tracking 2, 3 and many more metrics. It starts with one, let me help.