Methods Are How You Do Something…

  • How you do something relates to many aspects;
  • How do you do time management?
  • How do you do mindset (deal with stinkin’ thinkin’)
  • How do you go after goals?
  • How do you reach out to prospective clients?

How do you….

You get the idea. These are your methods.

You can have a good product or service, a good mindset and the desire to get more clients, but if you don’t know how you get new clients, it can be catastrophic.

You sit in your office, or the coffee shop, and the phone doesn’t ring, no one signs up on your website and your daily visitor traffic can be counted on one hand.

As a consultant, I found it important to formalize how I do things. For me, it formalizes things in my mind and brings more professionalism into my day.

I learned this lesson in the Marines, and later in a job for a large company. Everything we did was directed by a checklist, procedure or manual.

A funny aside. I was struggling with a process on my computer long ago, and the IT guy, flustered by my endless questions, finally muttered “R.T.F.M.” And he wouldn’t tell me what it meant… I found out later, it stands for READ THE [FREAKIN’] MANUAL.

Well, as a consultant, there aren’t many manuals, so I set about making up manuals, checklists, workflows, pipelines and activity sets.

What I’ve learned is that negative emotion can be the great killer of productivity and results. And getting clients is the key result you’re looking for.

So, how you;

  • Transform people’s lives (Mission)
  • Face each days triumphs and challenges (Mindset)
  • Tell people what you do (Message)
  • Structure your offerings (Methods)
  • Take effective action everyday (Momentum)

… Determines your effectiveness.

So, that’s why I set about formalizing my process.

If the above concerns you, you should know that I HATE BUREAUCRACY.

In the US Marines, I had to jump through so many bureaucratic hoops, I found it absurd. Once, I even had to write a letter to myself, authorizing myself, to pick up keys for a new building. Absurd.

So, rest assured, you’re not going to be creating a bureaucracy, but simple checklists and processes to minimize your emotion so you can focus on taking action.

When you bring the checklist mentality to things, you’ll end up protecting yourself from some of your negative thoughts. It will help you protect you from you.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

Pipeline for Prospects:

  1. Generate lead
  2. Qualify lead
  3. Create proposal
  4. Deliver proposal
  5. Close sale

It looks simple, and there are sub-tasks to follow inside each of the 5 major steps. But the benefit of just this one process is that it reduces the emotion of the sales process.

By just identifying where someone is in the process, you know what you need to do, when, and can follow up accordingly.

Special Report:
How to Get One New Client Today!

Discover the simple steps you can apply TODAY to get one new client.

There are many things to apply this to:

  • Morning routine
  • Writing an article
  • Posting a video
  • Speaking to potential client on the phone (Questions to ask, etc)

And you can even bring this methodology to your personal life. In our family, we became tired of telling the kids the same things over and over again, we created...

  • Checklist for morning routine
  • List of chores before asking for; electronics time, play date, etc.
  • Housecleaning checklist (every Saturday)

The Family Checklist helps reduce the emotion and tension between family members, while creating a better understanding.

Business Checklists and process flows help formalize your efforts, reducing internal tension and conflict, freeing you up to taking effective actions to get clients and grow your business. 

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