I let go of several services and a cool CRM that I really liked.

I’m streamlining.

I love organizing and making things run incredibly smoothly.

I love this software that does this, and that one that does that.

Oh, and this one can heat my coffee, balance my pencil (still use one) while juggling cotton balls in a hurricane.

But then it dawned on me.

Sometimes I spend days (or weeks) learning and implementing this new system or software. It has all these really cool features that I need to learn to integrate with all those other really cool features from that other thing I purchased or subscribed to.

But then I thought.

“What the heck does this have to do with building my business?”
“What does this have to do with solving my customer’s problems?”
“What does this have to do with adding value?”

I didn’t have any really good answers, just a lot of unanswered questions.

So, I made the decision to let go of a really cool CRM… and use the basic tools my computer came with (and they do a lot more than I realized).

I let go of an online file sharing service… because I already have one that works great.

I let go of a cool note-taking app… because they get more expensive every year, and my computer comes with a note-taking app, and it can do a lot more than I realized, and already syncs across my devices, without me setting up or learning anything.

And what did I do?

I had more time to reach out to existing customers, work on value-adding projects, and meet with new prospects.

And I didn’t have to watch any Tutorials, learn about any integrations or fix compatibility issues.

In other words, I stopped worrying about “making the system perfect’ and instead, focused on delivering real value.

What about you?

Do you get lost in the weeds sometimes? Do you spend so much time making sure everything is working perfectly that you miss out on the real reason you’re in business? To deliver overwhelming value to your customer.

I know what that’s like. And I’m happy to talk to you about your challenges.

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