The noise was growing. My two youngest were arguing over who’s turn it was to empty the dishwasher.


I walked downstairs from my office to refill my lemon water, looking forward to a nice 5-minute break after a 25-minute focused sprint of productivity. I am feeling good.

Now, this. Who’s turn to unload the dishwasher. Again, really? And I have to be the referee?

Neither of them could remember what they agreed to, and now I have to figure this out.


Time to remember my rule. Where there’s an imbalance of emotion, there’s a need for a process.

“Lance, today is an odd day (the 25th), do you want odd or even?”

“Odd Dad.”

Great, I said, set it as a recurring reminder in your phone, right now.

“Natalie. You now have even days. Does that work for you?”

“Yes, Dad.”

Great, I said, set it as a reminder in your iPod.

What’s that have to do with getting more clients and building a business?


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The more the emotion, the more need to put a system in place to;

  • Ensure the task gets done
  • Gets done consistently every time
  • Minimize stress and conflict

About an hour after this interaction, a client called. He was frustrated with his sales rep for not meeting quota.

“What did you tell her to do?”

“Get more sales?” He replied.

“How? What size accounts? What territory?”

He didn’t know, he just wanted her to get more sales.

So, that’s what we worked on. Her sales process. Who to target, where, and how. We set up a system to set them both up to succeed.

At the end of the day, I’m more concerned about getting the dishwasher unloaded, and meeting sales, then I am about who did or didn’t do what they’re supposed to.

Especially, if it was never clear who was supposed to do what.

I work with my clients to systematize their business and set up proven repeatable processes to get stuff done.

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