“Public Speakers are a dime, a dozen. The real skill is knowing how to fill a room, edu-tain the audience, convert them into paying customers, and have everyone walk away feeling better than they did before attending the event.”
~ David Koons

public speakingWhether selling an actual product, or persuading a corporate audience to start adapting new, profitable habits to increase a company’s bottom line, every presentation includes selling.

As one of the few public speakers who has sold over $1million of products directly from the stage, David delivers a edu-taining presentation focused on results (sales).

Sample performances:

  • 90-minute presentation, 47 attendees, $6,000 product, 18 sales totaling $108,000 (38%)
  • 90-minute presentation, 600 attendees, $2,000 product, 93 sales totaling $186,000 (15%)
  • 60-minute presentation, 7 attendees, $1,500 product, 7 sales totaling $10,500 (100%)

David is available for Keynotes, Training, and Motivational Speaking… as well as Marketing and Copywriting

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