I ruptured my achilles tendon two weeks ago. I was playing with my kids (teenagers) at one of the “Ninja Warrior” gyms, and it reminded me how to succeed.

They were running all over the place, and I was trying to keep up. That’s not so hard for me since I work out all the time, but I don’t do the “Ninja Warrior” stuff all the time.

It torques the body pretty good…and I don’t stretch much. Rather than stretch and ease into the new surrounding, I jumped right in with them.

About 30 minutes in, on my 3rd attempt up the 14′ warp wall, it ruptured. Originally, I turned around 1/2 way up thinking someone punched me in the Ankle.

And then the pain quickly set in and down I went.

I’ve made too many mistakes in my life to count. In this case, not stretching and thinking I could jump right in with something my kids have been doing for years.

I’ve taken shortcuts and skipped a few steps, in the hopes of “getting there” quicker, faster, with less effort.

That has rarely worked out for me. As my achilles demonstrates.

When it comes to building a business, I’ve gotten in the most trouble when I try to skip the right steps.

When it comes to getting clients, if I skip a step or two, I end up blowing the opportunity.

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Looking at my ankle inside the boot, I'm reminded to do things right the first time, to avoid the likelihood of avoidable damage.

Knowing the right steps, and having the patience to follow them, can be challenging, I know first hand...but when I do, good things happen. Try it.