We discuss this in prior articles, but a little reminder is in order.

Let them know you’re confident you can help them and are looking forward to the opportunity.

After you share with them how you work, and if you’d like to work with them, invite them to work with you. It could be as simple as;

“Mary, I understand you’re struggling with finding clients and setting up a group coaching program. I heard you say that you’d like to increase your income by $50,000 over the next year. As I explained, that’s exactly the type of work I do, and I’d love to work with you to achieve these goals. We could start as soon as next week. How does that sound?”

And then say nothing. Wait. It’s one of the hardest things to do if you don’t have experience, but WAIT for them to respond.

Remember we spoke about characteristics of ideal clients? I don’t work with anyone who can’t decide or needs to ‘think about it.’ I work with decision-makers.

NOTE: This could be awkward if they have to check with a partner or spouse. Be sure to get that question answered early. And if their partner or spouse is not there, cut the meeting short and arrange another meeting with the decision-maker present.

To summarize, follow the simple steps below to turn conversations with prospects into paying clients.

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The Conversion Process:

  1. SEEK to understand their situation.
  2. ADVISE the course of action you'd follow to help them implement their desires.
  3. ASK how achieving those desires would change their life.
  4. INVITE them to work with you by stating your confidence in being able to help them and your enthusiasm to do so.

A Few Words of Caution

  • Get a decision right away. Avoid "I'll think about it" or similar. And if you can't resist, follow up no more than twice. (Does not apply to email marketing)
  • Move on. Not everyone is ready now, people are at different paths along their journey, some aren't quite ready, some are past where you are and need something different.
  • Don't chase. Filter and sort...no convincing!
  • Always come from service!
  • Always be sincere...if you don't want to work with them, help them, minimize your time involved and move on...
  • Don't try to help in an area you're not familiar with just because you need money. Remember, saying "I don't know" can be powerful.

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