when it's not perfect

One of my “Rapid Accelerated Growth”  clients was challenged because we tried a new tool for a marketing campaign.

Not exactly a new tool. Their business had access to it for years but was scared to use it, worried about making a mistake, or doing it wrong.

We read about it and anticipated how best to set it up. With encouragement, he agreed to test it with a campaign.

When we sent the campaign, we had some ‘unsubscribes’ and push back from the intended audience.

My client recoiled in fear and shock.

We screwed up.”

We pi$$ed some people off!” he stressed.

Looking at me for a response, I simply said; “Yes we did.

That’s all I felt. I wasn’t embarrassed, shocked or upset.

We decided to use a new tool. We prepared as best we could, studying the nuance of what we were about to do, and we executed.

It wasn’t perfect, and we did it anyway.

Rarely is anything perfect. We can prepare, check, double-check, but ultimately somethings can’t be anticipated.

That’s called experience.

It can be costly. But, for us, it cost a few complaints, a few unsubscribes, and landed $20,000 in profit in less than a week.

My client wants to use it again next week.

It will be better next time.

We’ll make fewer mistakes, but I anticipate we won’t do it perfectly.

We’ll correct and continue and keep on, keeping on.

We tend to regret what we didn’t do more than what we do.

Business (and life) is about growing, correcting and continuing.

Unwillingness to try new things, learn new information and skills, or explore outside your little world, leads to stagnation and contraction.

Business grows through making mistakes. The trick is minimizing the risk when you do take action.

It’s why I insist on only working with business owners with an open mind toward growth and new ideas, otherwise, I am stuck “trying to convince” them to change; behaviors and beliefs. And that’s as much fun as it sounds.

So, if you’ve got a lot of ideas, but lacking in execution – for various reasons – go ahead and schedule a Discovery Consultation with me to explore what might be able to jump-start your progress.

When it’s not perfect, get on the Act —> Correct —> Continue merry-go-round. It’s a fun ride, without regret.