“Marketing sucks! I don’t like it and I just want to focus on my work.”

This was said to me the other day by someone who called me out of the blue.

He was serious.

I was shaking my head.

But then, it wasn’t that long ago (15 years doesn’t seem that long ago?), that I had similar thoughts.

Marketing (and sales) just didn’t feel right. That felt wrong.

I didn’t like them, I avoided them, and my business suffered.

You see, I just wanted to “do my work,” which at the time was coaching and consulting small businesses to achieve growth.


or Blinding Flash of the Obvious.

To grow, an individual or company must focus on sales and marketing. Duh!

But why the resistance then?

Two reasons come to me.

One – you may avoid marketing because you don’t like where it leads… value. To be good at marketing, you have to articulate your value (your product and/or service) to the prospect.

To do that is not easy, and for smaller operations (coach, consultant, small business), it may force you into a “come to Jesus” moment of “am I worthy? Worth something? Worthwhile?

That’s some deep stuff and not for the feint of heart…better to just “focus on your work.”

The second reason that comes to mind is obliviousness of the customer.

Okay, that’s a new term I just coined, but it seems apt.

When I focus on marketing (which is most of the time), my focus is ON THE CUSTOMER and what he or she may want.

Everything I do is about the customer.

I am not in love with my product or service, I am in love with the customer (most of the time), and tailor my offerings, language, usability and lots of other factors… to them.

And let’s face it, in a world with a heavy dose of narcissists, they are too busy focusing on themselves to focus on their customer.

Note to Narcissists – It’s not about you – It’s about them! You’re customer.

The Spotlight Game

It’s a game I play everyday. Having done hundreds of public speaking events, I relate to the spotlight. A good public speaker makes their presentation about, and engages with, the audience.

In marketing, it’s the same. Your message and all other media and communication should be about them. Keep the spotlight on “them” and put it on yourself only as absolutely necessary…and then get it back on them as soon as you can.

In marketing, as in life, the more I can focus on serving others, clearly, concisely, and effectively, the easier and more fulfilling my life (and my marketing) is going to be.

Give it a try today. Put the spotlight on “them” or work to put it on them for longer…and see for yourself the results of your actions.

Let me know your thoughts.