You should be charging more for your services. Deep down you know it too, but there are three big obstacles to making this change.

It’s a problem I see with most coaches, consultants, and other professionals. Not charging enough cheats you out of additional revenue, and cheats your client who is more responsive to higher rates.

That may sound counter-intuitive, but hear me out on the three key points.

You Don’t Know Your Value

You’re worth more than you realize or give yourself credit for. You know it too. If you treated others the way you treat yourself sometimes, you’d probably have no friends.

Perhaps you think since you don’t have a specific certification or years of experience, you can’t charge more.

When was the last time you checked someone’s certification? At a restaurant? When you got new tires for your car?

No, you didn’t check their certification. They let you know what they did, and then you went to that restaurant, or tire store, based on what they offered.

This brings us to the second point…

You Don’t Know the Problem You’re the Solution To

Yes, you help people live better lives. Perhaps you’re a health practitioner. Maybe a life coach, or business consultant.

And everyone can benefit from your service, right?

You don’t want to exclude anyone.

So, what do you do? You speak in broad, general terms like “Live a Better Life” or “Get Healthy” or some other meaningless slogan.

That doesn’t help. In fact, it hurts you and deprives them of truly understanding how you can help.

If you get past these first two hurdles, you’re stuck with the third.

You Don’t Know What To Charge.

Because you don’t understand your value and haven’t clearly communicated the problem you’re the solution for, you’re underselling your services.

But what should you be charging?


When you’re clear as to your value and understand the value of the solution to the problem you solve, the value of what you do becomes much more clear.

And it’s more than you’re currently charging, a lot more.

These problems are not restricted to newer coaches and consultants. More experienced coaches and consultants are still leaving money on the table by charging too little for their products and services.

To learn more about valuing yourself, understanding the problem you’re the solution to, and what to charge, register for my next “Get Clients Fast” webinar training
~ David