messy desk

Do you have to be organized to get new business?

That’s what I was asked.

Do you have piles of documents?

Are electronic files littered throughout your computer?

Can you quickly and easily locate that; document, file, ebook, video or audio?

Can you succeed without organization?


But it is certainly harder.

Organization is like a garden, it needs constant weeding and tending.

I cleaned up 8 GB of space on my computer the other day.

Some of it was duplicate. Some was outdated. Some was just crap.

When I did that, I uncovered files, documents and materials I didn’t know I had. And some of them were great – really great.

One of recently re-discovered documents, a content distribution strategy, just saved me about one hour per week, and a few hundred dollars.

When it comes to landing new business.

Do you have a system setup to follow so that each prospect gets a prompt, consistent response?

Do you have an organized plan to get these prospects?

Does everyone know what they’re supposed to do? When?

Simple organization is one of the things I address in my “Get Clients Fast: 22 Practical Steps to Filling Your Practice” ebook.

You can learn more by clicking here.