In the Marines, it was all about ‘accomplishing the Mission.’ The mission was whatever important assignment higher headquarters assigned. We would be told the essential information, get our gear together, and head off to accomplish it.

But, let’s face it, the life of a consultant, coach or other professional, is not so clear cut. And usually we don’t have a clear mission.

It’s hard to get from here to there, if you don’t know where ‘there’ is.

If you’re struggling with what your mission is, let’s assume your mission is to transform lives and make enough money that you can pay the bills and have some left over.

Easy enough. Everyone I’ve ever worked with has a mission similar to this. Sure, they may have different taglines, but ultimately, you want to transform lives, and by doing so, transform your own.

When it comes to your mission, let’s look at how missions are assigned in the US Marines (where I served for 8 years).

Who: You.

What: What are you going to do?

– Provide the benefits that your product and services offer.

Where: Where are you going to offer these services?

– Online and Offline, for a fee and for free

When: When are you going to offer these services?

– Now and forever more. Don’t wait until it’s perfect. Start offering, what you have, now.

Why: Why are you doing this?

– To transform people’s lives, and in the process, your own.

(You can update this as you gain clarity)

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Practical Action Step:

To prevent analysis by paralysis, write down your mission statement now.

  1. If you have one, pull it out to review
  2. If you don't, pick one of the below and write it down

"To transform lives" or,

"To transform lives through [coaching, consulting, real estate, etc]"

For easy reference, write your mission statement on a "Note" on your phone for fast, easy reference.